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Alchemy Elixir Range

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Introducing intense flavours and aromas to your dishes with alchemy elixirs supplied by Discount Cream. Try adding the turmeric alchemy elixir to make a latte in hot milk, or add it to your favourite smoothie or protein shake. 


You can even add this elixir, which is made with 100% natural ingredients, to a savoury dish for the great health benefits and flavours turmeric brings to cooking. 


Create professional standard beverages at home with a high-quality taste. Discount Cream also stock a wide range of syrups, and topping sauces for an even wider range of flavours to add to your collection.

Alchemy Elixirs Delivered For Free

Our next day delivery service allows you to start adding alchemy elixirs to your cooking in one day! Simply place your order before 5:30pm for delivery across the UK. 


Alchemy elixirs can be stored and used time and time again for a range of recipes both simply and effectively. Experiment with our elixirs, available in 300ml and 750ml, to see what you can create.


If you want to enliven your meals and create full-flavoured beverages for yourself and guests then Discount Cream’s range is just 24 hours away.