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96 Cream Chargers


96 Cream Chargers Pack

Bored with mechanical whipping? We have a solution, cream chargers. Not just that, a pack of 96 cream chargers. Discover efficiency, simplicity and most of all great flavour with our 96 packs of cream chargers. 

Our 96 cream charger packs can be used to level up to any aspect of your cooking. Looking to impress your family with new desserts? Want to give a little added value to your hot drinks in your cafe? Our 96 cream charger packs are fit for any occasion. 

Our 96 cream charger packs come in a glorious selection of premium brands. Choose from ProWhip, Mosa, Liss, and iSi.

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Make Delicious Whipped Cream

Our 96 cream charger packs are available online right here at Discount Cream, remember to order before 5 pm and get your 96 cream chargers delivered the next day. 

We don’t just sell 96 cream charger packs, if you’re looking for something a little more your size. Try our cheapest whipped cream chargers in our 24 pack, or invest in our bulk supply of 600 cream chargers.

Do you want to know the best part? You’re not just restricted to making whipped cream, use your 96 cream chargers for rapid infusions of alcohol and toppings for your cocktails.