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8.5g Cream Chargers


Purchase 8.5g Cream Chargers Online

Discount Cream supplies industry-leading 8.5g cream chargers, all available for UK-wide delivery and easy to use. These cream chargers are filled with up to 8.5 pure nitrous oxide (N2O) gas.

Our 8.5g cream chargers are the perfect tool for commercial use within restaurants, bars, cafes and more due to yielding 20% more cream contents.

Our 8.5g cream chargers produce great-tasting, fresh whipped cream with ease. They can even be used to create espumas, for infusion and more.

8.5 Cream Charger Manufacturers

Discount Cream offers 8.5g cream chargers from premium brands such as Mosa Pro. Made from 100% recyclable steel with a zinc coating to prevent rust, these 8.4g cream chargers are durable and manufactured to the highest quality.

8.5g Cream Charger Quantities

We provide 8.5g cream chargers in a range of quantities, including 24, 48, 96, 144, 192, 240, and 360. We also provide larger cases for trade, discover our range of wholesale 600 cream chargers.

Available for at-home use, or commercial premises such as bars, cafes, and restaurants. Order before 5:30pm and get your 8.5g cream chargers and utilise our next day delivery service.