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48 Cream Chargers


48 Cream Chargers Pack

Invest in our 48 pack of cream chargers to get more out of your whipped cream. Our 48 cream chargers pack or just right for any size establishment. Home use? Go for it. Cafe? Have at it. Bar or restaurant? Fill your boots.

Our 48 cream charger packs are filled to the brim with nothing but only the best, certified pure N2O, ensuring that no oily residues or odours are left behind. We wouldn’t want that, would we! 

Our 48 cream charger packs come in a fantastic range of great brands such as Mosa, ProWhip, iSi, Liss and more.

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Level Up Your Kitchen Antics

Our 48 cream charger packs are available for online order here at Discount Cream, order today before 5 pm and get it straight to your door tomorrow. It’s really that simple. 

And we don’t just sell 48 cream charger packs. If you’re looking for something a little larger you might want to try our 240, 360 or 600 bulk packs!

Whether you’re looking to shush up a dessert, impress with your newly concocted coffee creations, or are just curious. Order our 48 cream chargers pack online today.