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360 Cream Chargers


360 Cream Chargers Packs

Our 360 cream chargers packs are sold exclusively wholesale alongside 600 cream chargers. Perfect for restaurants, bars, patisseries and cafes looking for large quantities of whipped cream, desserts and cocktail infusions. 

Every cream charger pack is compatible with cream whippers as standard, yes, even our 360 pack! However, they are not compatible with Kisag whippers.

Each individual canister is packed full of certified N2O (nitrous oxide), only the best for our customers. Meaning no oily residues and no lingering odours are left behind, only fluffy whipped cream. 

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Discover Great Flavour

Our 360 cream chargers are available online to order here at Discount Cream, and you can get it tomorrow when you order before 5 pm. 

Available in an array of premium brands, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to our 360 cream charger packs. Whether you’re looking for Mosa, ProWhip, Liss or iSi, we stock them all at great prices.

Perfect for larger catering events, restaurants and patisseries. Discover great flavour at affordable prices with our 360 cream charger packs.