241+ N2O Cream Chargers - Available for Trades Only

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240 Cream Chargers


240 Cream Chargers Pack

Get more bang for your buck with our 240 cream chargers packs, our largest pack before reaching wholesale sizes. Perfect for home use, whip up delicious desserts for your family and friends or concoct wondrous hot chocolate and coffee creations for your customers.

Our 240 cream chargers pack are for standard use with all cream whipper dispenser, although not compatible with Kisag whippers.

Leaving less residue and making for a larger quantity of whipped cream, our 240 cream chargers are ideal for catering establishments in restaurants, bars, cafes, patisseries. You name it.

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Whip Up Delicious Whipped Cream

Our 240 cream charger packs are available online at Discount Cream, eligible for next day delivery when your order is placed before 5 pm.

We don’t just sell 240 cream chargers, we sell bigger or smaller portions depending on your specific needs. If you’re looking for wholesale amounts, they’re available in 360 or 600, alternatively, we stock 48, 96 and 144 if you’re looking for something a tad smaller.

Let your creative juices flow, create beautifully airy whipped cream, rapidly infuse alcohol and cocktail toppings. Go wild.