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Simply Syrups is a brand that was created in 2008 by the Italian Beverage Company, due to a rising demand for high quality flavouring syrups for coffee.

Today, the company exports their many products to over 45 countries around the world. From Toasted Marshmallow to Spiced Apple, the Simply Syrups range of over 60 delicious flavours is designed to capture every taste profile and flavour imaginable!

The Simply Syrups range offers much more than the popular flavours like caramel and vanilla. The range also includes other exciting flavours such as Pumpkin Spice, Honeycomb and Red Velvet Cake, all in large 1L bottles to produce a whole range of fantastic creations.

As well as supplying classic flavouring syrup flavours that transform the flavour of your coffee at a cheap price, we stock a range of fruity flavours like Strawberry and Passionfruit that are perfect for making tasty smoothies and delicious cocktails. 

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With a range of flavours at excellent value for money, it's easy to see why Simply Syrups is often the flavouring syrup of choice for cafes, bars and restaurants. The Simply range certainly stacks up to its competitors in the flavouring syrup world such as Monin, SweetBird and Jordan's Skinny Syrups in terms of taste and quality!