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16G CO2 Cartridges


Purchase 16g CO2 Cartridges

Buy our 16g CO2 cartridges threaded or non-threaded at Discount Cream available to order online today. We offer these capsules for use in beverages to give them an extra kick with added bubbles! 

Our 16g CO2 cartridges are equal to 16g pure carbon dioxide because we know you need every gram to make your drinks more exciting. 

As we stock our 16g CO2 cartridges non-threaded and threaded, you can select from our range including from a range of different brands. Our Mosa non-threaded capsules come in quantities up to 300! And the same goes for our Liss threaded and non-threaded options. 

We also stock other brands such as Pro Flate and Pro Fizz for even more variety. But if 16g isn’t enough, we also stock larger quantities such as 38g, 45g, and 88g.

Check out all our CO2 cartridges to view our full range of capsules compatible with CO2 Soda Syphons that use the universal system.