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144 Cream Chargers


144 Cream Chargers Pack

Looking for a quantity of cream chargers that isn’t too big but also isn’t too small? We have the pack that’s just right for you, our 144 cream chargers pack. Uncover airer, fluffier and most of all more delicious whipped cream with our 144 cream chargers.

Our 144 cream chargers are used to maximise the amount of whipped cream you can make, much more than traditional mechanical whipping. Each canister can produce half a litre of whipped cream, so 144 cream chargers can produce over 70L of whipped cream. Just imagine.

In a magical selection of brands and styles, our 144 cream chargers are anything but bland. 

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Fluffier, Airer Whipped Cream

Our 144 cream chargers are available for order online at Discount Cream, remember to order before 5 pm and get your cream chargers delivered straight to your door the next day.

We don’t just sell 144 cream chargers. Whether you’re looking for something a little smaller in our 48 or 96 packs, or larger in 240 or 360, we have just the packs.

Invest in quality, convenience and great taste with our 144 cream chargers. Perfect for home use, catering establishments such as cafes, bars and resturants.